Increased student vape pen usage at TPHS

Student vape pen usage has recently increased at TPHS, raising concerns among staff and administration. Vape pens, short for vapor pens, are electronic smoking devices that heat nicotine, flavored juices, marijuana oil, or some combination thereof, in a chamber, providing users with various effects. The level of nicotine and marijuana in the vape pen can vary, depending on the user’s desire. Because of their variable substance capability, vape pens and their use are illegal on school grounds, and they are considered drug paraphernalia. Even at the legal cigarette-smoking ag...


Pro: Legalizing sale of nonvital organs for transplant

Every 10 minutes, another candidate is added to the national waitlist for organ transplants, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Since most organ donations happen after the deaths of registered donors, a donor’s organs are often inaccessible for years. Unfortunately, this creates a huge gap between donors and recipients.  ...


One in 2,726: Andrew Rim

Since childhood, Andrew Rim (11) has been immersed in music. He has a “very musical family” and began playing the cello when he was only 5 years old, following in the footsteps of his family members. Rim’s mother studied contemporary music in college, so “she was the first...


Pick Up the Phone for "Better Call Saul"

Finally, the time has come. The moon is in its proper phase. The planets are aligned. The Earth’s axial tilt is precisely 23.5 degrees. It is time to return to scenic Albuquerque and be reacquainted with Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) — or, Jimmy McGill, his former self.  ...


Falcon Tries: Nintendo 64

It was a typical sunny day on our TPHS campus when I was eavesdropping on students’ conversations while strolling about at lunchtime. It’s part of the job – to be the eyes and ears of important, if not clandestine, student exchanges. On this particular day, I couldn’t help...



Slide to Read

A boy sits with unblinking eyes in front of a screen for seven or more hours a day, doesn’t go anywhere without an electronic device in his pocket and has more virtual conversations than  face-to-face ones.  The boy represents the prevalence of technology in humans’ day-to-day lives, and possibly demonstrates its overwhelming influence on those of future generations. After a...

  • PALS
    PALs Column – February

    With TPHS students juggling competitive sports, rigorous academic classes and after-school activities, sleep often becomes the last ...

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    Mommy and Daddy and Me

    Sreeganesh Manoharan (11) grew up on the outside looking in, in some sense. Whether it was listening to a story about somebody&rsquo...

  • DSC_0370
    One in 2726: Katie Qian

    It is a scene straight from “The Devil Wears Prada.” Models are posing in designer clothing, cameras are snapping away a...



Boys soccer annihilates Westview 10-2

Boys soccer (14-4-4) crushed the Westview High School Wolverines (4-11-2) 10-2 on Feb. 6 when forward Asher Booth (12), left forward Matt Botsford (12) and right midfielder Bailey Buckley (12) scored two goals each. Right midfielder Allen Katz (12), left wing Blake McAtee (12), defensive midfielder Peter Copp (11) and center midfielder Drew Young (10) each scored one. “We started scoring...



Oscars: Best Supporting Race

75 years ago, Hattie McDaniel became the first African American to receive an Academy Award for her performance as Mammy, an infamously racist depiction of the “noble slave” archetype, in “Gone with the Wind.” “My heart is too full to tell you just how I feel,” McDaniel said in her acceptance speech, “May I say thank you and God bless you.” ...

  • ship
    A Ship in the Woods: Cognitive Camouflage

    To show, to teach, to inspire, maybe even to bore — this is, generally, what we think art museums do. Less frequently, perhaps...

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    The Darrell Hammond Project

    The cliché of the sad clown is one of those stereotypes that is deeply-rooted in truth. Call it biology or psychology or coin...

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    True Crime

    Phoebe Judge is sitting on her living room couch, working late on a Saturday night. Seated across from her are Lauren Spohrer and Er...



Garden of Hope cleaned up by NHS

The Garden of Hope, located by the B building, will be cleaned by the National Honor Society and the California Scholarship Foundation in the coming months and later renovated to honor cancer victims and survivors. “We’re [first] planning on fixing up what’s already there,” NHS President Rocky Maas (12) said.  According to Matt Chess, psychology teacher and advis...



Con: Legalizing sale of nonvital organs for transplant

There are many government policies that could increase the supply of transplantable organs, but creating a legal market for organ sales is probably the worst option.  Although such a policy could certainly save lives, the commodification of the human body is a steep price to pay. The system would disproportionately benefit patients who can afford the costs of live donor organs. When patie...



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