Summer Update


Hyde Amendment creates unnecessary disparity

Abortion rights have been so fiercely debated that nearly all politicians have adopted some sort of stance on the issue. Lawmakers who support abortion rights fight against policies restricting women’s access to the procedure, and lawmakers who oppose it do everything in their power to stop access. It is a constant back-and-forth, tired struggle, and in the end — assu...


One in 2,870: Emma Holty

Last March, when volleyball player Emma Holty (10) went in for the free electrocardiogram screening sponsored by the Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation at a local hospital, she thought she would be one of many students who walked away with a clean bill of health. The procedure was simple enough: EK...


Kimbra "The Golden Echo"

I knew Kimbra only as the featured artist in Gotye’s memorable hit, “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Unfortunately, her new album The Golden Echo crushed any fondness I had developed for her music. The first track, “Teen Heat,” begins reasonably well: a solid beat accompanied by the soft hum of he...


Game Time: August

NFL officials and team front office personnel never really have an offseason, which produces a flurry of storylines this time of year. With the preseason public relation ploys coming to a close and opening day steadily approaching, the “preseason sucks” chants are fading. NFL news is at a climax, an...



From the Ground Up

More than 2,800 students streamed through the TPHS campus Aug. 26, glancing at pre-printed maps and schedules while hurrying to sometimes unfamiliar classrooms. Some were confident, some nervous, but almost all were wondering what awaits them behind closed doors and strange faces That feeling of anticipation is one of the only aspects of the first day of school that has not changed since TPHS opened in S...

  • emily

    I must have been a comical sight, shuffling furiously across the hotel floor in fuzzy slippers and disheveled pajamas, my unbrushed hai...

  • language

    After South Vietnam fell to the Viet Cong in 1975, Cole Nguyen’s (9) parents fled to the United States to escape the communist governme...

  • abishake
    One in 2,770: Abishek Chozhan

    At TPHS, most students meet their language requirement by taking courses in Spanish, Chinese, French or Japanese. Abishek Chozhan (10) ...



Falcon Tries: Surfing

As a native Texan, I spent my early childhood far away from the ocean. Even during my three years in China, the beach was a luxury I experienced only once or twice a year. But after living in seaside San Diego for about five years, I was not surprised when the staff asked me to surf for Falcon Tries. I readily agreed, figuring I had nothing to lose, with the possible exception of life and limb. My inst...

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    Q&A With Matt Livingston

    Q: Why did you want to become athletic director? A: Well, I’ve been at this school a long time. I graduated here in 1988, played t...

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    Game Time: June

    My year as sports editor has been one of the most rewarding, stressful, emotional, fun and captivating years of my young life, and I ...

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    Game Time: May

    I rejoiced when Michael Sam became the first openly gay player in the National Football League on May 10 when he was selected 249th ove...


courteeners concrete love

Courteeners “Concrete Love”

If there is one thing the Courteeners do well, it is maintaining a household name in indie music. While the genre has warped and expanded, the Courteneers have managed to stick to a trademark “sound,” rooted in lead singer Liam Fray’s penchant for disgruntled ballads and flowing love songs. In releasing its fourth studio album, Concrete Love, the group upholds this reputation remarkably well — which is n...



TPHS changes Visual and Performing Arts Days

The TPHS dance team hosted Dance Day on June 3 in the gymnasium, as part of the changes made to the annual Visual and Performing Arts Days. This year, VPA Days were split into separate days for art, dance and film. For Art’s Sake, an exhibition of student art, was held from May 28-29, while the film event will be held from June 5-6 in the lecture hall. Dance Day performances were held each period, and...



Staff Editorial: Weapons on Campus

Possession of firearms on college campuses has always been controversial, controversy that has been renewed by recent shootings at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the University of California, Santa Barbara. It is clear from these horrific incidents that the presence of firarms on college campuses potentially heightens tensions and definitely increases risk of harm to innocent people — even when conceale...