TPHS changes Visual and Performing Arts Days

The TPHS dance team hosted Dance Day on June 3 in the gymnasium, as part of the changes made to the annual Visual and Performing Arts Days. This year, VPA Days were split into separate days for art, dance and film. For Art’s Sake, an exhibition of student art, was held from May 28-29, while the film event will be held from June 5-6 in the lecture hall. Dance Day performances were held each period, and lasted a little over half an hour each. The event featured performances choreographed by students, as well as team competition pieces choreographed by coaches. Dance team members auditioned...


Pro: Firing Squad

In an execution by firing squad, the inmate is bound to a chair with straps across the waist and head and a black hood over the head. Five shooters fire at the inmate through slots in a canvas wall, and the prisoner dies from blood loss caused by rupture of the heart or a large blood vessel or tearing of the lungs, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. As...



I must have been a comical sight, shuffling furiously across the hotel floor in fuzzy slippers and disheveled pajamas, my unbrushed hair madly flying. It was ridiculous, I thought; we had flown all the way here to compete, and yet here I was, having somehow slept through my alarm, waking up a danger...


‘A Million Ways to Die’ of Boredom

Seth MacFarlane has, rather impressively, made a career out of being an a--hole. His signature snide, envelope-pushing breed of humor characterizes every project he pursues. From the unapologetic mess that is “Family Guy” to the surprisingly smart “Ted,” everything MacFarlane touches turns to snark....


Falcon Tries: Surfing

As a native Texan, I spent my early childhood far away from the ocean. Even during my three years in China, the beach was a luxury I experienced only once or twice a year. But after living in seaside San Diego for about five years, I was not surprised when the staff asked me to surf for Falcon Tri...




After South Vietnam fell to the Viet Cong in 1975, Cole Nguyen’s (9) parents fled to the United States to escape the communist government. Nguyen, a first-generation Vietnamese American, maintained contact with his ethnic heritage during his early years by learning Vietnamese, though his parents did not “push hard” to teach their children the language. “At an early age we were spoken to in Vietnamese and j...

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    One in 2,770: Abishek Chozhan

    At TPHS, most students meet their language requirement by taking courses in Spanish, Chinese, French or Japanese. Abishek Chozhan (10) ...

  • can you see
    Can You See That I Am Sick?

    Sitting at her desk, laboring over her AP World History homework, Kristi* suddenly feels an intense pressure on her chest and begins to...

  • making it click
    Making It Click

    Sitting in front of a computer screen, Melinda Wang (11) holds a simple conversation in English, via video chat, with a student on the ...



Q&A With Matt Livingston

Q: Why did you want to become athletic director? A: Well, I’ve been at this school a long time. I graduated here in 1988, played two sports here, really loved it, and then I’ve been coaching baseball and football on and off here since about 2000. Chas [Doerrer] is a good friend of mine. In fact we were on the same football team way back in the day, so when it came down that he was going to step aside, ...

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    Game Time: June

    My year as sports editor has been one of the most rewarding, stressful, emotional, fun and captivating years of my young life, and I ...

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    Game Time: May

    I rejoiced when Michael Sam became the first openly gay player in the National Football League on May 10 when he was selected 249th o...

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    Boys lacrosse crushes Fallbrook

    Boys lacrosse (14-5) beat Fallbrook High School (6-13) 15-2 in the Falcons’ final game of the season on the May 12 Senior Night. B...


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Friday Night at the [Art] Museum

The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego’s downtown location will host Sound Off, an event showcasing a collection of music, poetry and prose performances by local artists under the age of 25, on June 6 from 5-8 p.m. Sound Off is free for visitors under the age of 25, and general admission is $5. The evening will also feature a poetry workshop and screenings of short films made by young artists. Christia...



falconer drawing utah firing squad

Con: Firing Squad

Only two states in the United States have the firing squad as an option for state execution — Oklahoma, in which it is the third option, done only if lethal injection and electrocution are ruled unconstitutional, and Utah, in which it is an option for inmates sentenced before 2004, when firing squads were outlawed. However, state Rep. Paul Ray of Utah plans to propose a bill in a legislative session next ye...