TPHS alumna featured in New York Fashion Week

TPHS alumna Carrie Hammer (’03), founder of a eponymous businesswear line, was featured in the 2014 New York Fashion Week with her show, “Role Models Not Runway Models.” The show cast models Hammer considers “role models” to match her clientele and has become the theme of her clothing line.  “‘Role Models Not Runway Models’ was originally supposed to just be a one-show deal and now it has become the title of all of our shows, the thread of all of my work and really a worldwide social movement,” Hammer said.  Hammer moved to...


Pro: Should it be legal to ban the American flag on college campuses?

Free speech cannot be curtailed merely because people are offended. The attempt by students at the University of California, Irvine to ban the display of flags prompted backlash from veterans, state legislators and UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman. The flag is a powerful symbol that holds special significance for many Americans. But responses like California state sen...


When Words Collide

If you were to speak with Marshall Thompson, a student at Wheaton College in Illinois, you wouldn’t notice that he spells nearly one in six words incorrectly, unconsciously obliterates certain words while writing or has nearly illegible handwriting. In fact, he is probably one of the most w...


Modest Mouse: Strangers to Ourselves

It’s been seven years since I first sang “Float On” on Rock Band 2 — which, I’m not ashamed to admit, is how I discovered Modest Mouse. So, lucky me! I haven’t had to wait the full eight years since We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank for a new album. But st...


Game Time: March

Down 3-5 in the second set, my doubles partner James Hunter (12) and I realized we were in trouble. As two of the lowest-ranked players on the National Champion varsity tennis team, we don’t like losing any matches. It’s a strange feeling being two of the lowest-ranked players on a te...




Boys volleyball loses to CCHS 2-3

Boys volleyball (9-5) fell to the Cathedral Catholic High School Dons (7-5) in a close 3-2 match at home on March 24. The final set scores were 25-20, 25-23, 22-25, 22-25 and 13-15.  The Falcons began the first set on offense, with setter Emerson Ye (12) serving. Opposite Colin Bailey (10) quickly scored the Falcons’ first point, and consistent serves from outside hitter Kannon Kile...


of montreal

Of Montreal: Aureate Gloom

It is nearly impossible to pinpoint a precise genre that Of Montreal embodies. As soon as you categorize the band as indie or psychedelic pop, Of Montreal releases a new album, and you realize that you really do not know anything about them at all. Aureate Gloom is the band’s latest addition to their extensive discography and a musical departure from 2013’s disappointing album lous...

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    Micaela Roy: A Giving Heart

    Micaela Roy (11) admits that she is “a little bit crazy” when it comes to dreaming big. Setting her sights on a double m...

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    Balboa International Market

    On a rainy Sunday afternoon, I ventured out of my Asian-supermarket comfort zone and into the less known — the staffer-recomme...

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    Zion Market

    Asian food is nothing new to me. After years of binge-eating Thai takeout and other food of foreign spice at friends’ houses, ...



Foundation to celebrate 40th anniversary with fundraiser

The TPHS Foundation will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the school during their annual fundraiser at the Belly Up Tavern on March 28. “TPHS opened in November of  1974, so this is a big celebration to commemorate 40 years,” said Bobbi Karlson, the executive director of the Foundation. “[Mailed invitations] went to every household.” The event, which ...


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Con: Should it be legal to ban the American flag on college campuses?

The Stars and Stripes have flown freely and proudly over the nation for many decades and rightly so. The flag is an integral part of U.S. history and heritage, and as such, restriction of its display carries many implications. Thus, when the student council of the University of California, Irvine voted to ban the display of flags, including the American one, in their office, they enacted a policy that si...



Insult to Injury

We crept outside into the quad with a pair of oddly-obtained crutches, an abandoned AP Euro binder and a trailing uncertainty about what would happen with our experiment. Sending an “injured” Kevin out to see if anyone would help him as he dropped his belongings all over the floor while walking with crutches, I initially thought it was blatantly obvious that everyone would could to his aid....