“Neon Nights” Homecoming dance successful and colorful

The “Neon Nights” Homecoming dance, inspired by the 5K Color Run, was held on Oct. 11 at TPHS. The Associated Student Body provided each ticket-holder with a white T-shirt that would be sprayed with colored powder by attending faculty upon students’ arrival at the event. In addition to the colored shirts, the dance carried out the theme of “Neon Nights” by featuring fluorescent strobe lights on the open-air dance floor and florescent photo booths. There were also poker tables and a Baked Bear ice cream truck at the dance, neither of which ...


Staff Editorial: Balanced Financial Aid

With college tuition prices constantly rising, families seek the best education for their children at the lowest possible cost. Prioritizing either need-based or merit-based aid has come to the forefront of the debate, with diverging opinions on the validity of the two programs. It is important to note that need-based aid and merit-based aid are not necessarily mut...


A Generation of Skepticism

History teacher Jim Harrah describes the government as important and necessary to maintaining a functioning and orderly society. However, the first thoughts that come to parliamentary debate captain Ryan Hund’s (12) mind when he hears the word “government” are “misuse [and...


Rita McBride: Public Tilt

At first glance, Rita McBride’s show at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego looks like a whole lot of nothing. The pieces in “Public Tilt” are made with rough, almost industrial materials:  aluminum, rattan and wood. But McBride typically works with the rough, her prev...


Falcon Tries: Trapeze

I am game for pretty much any situation. From a last-minute decision to attempt a 10-mile hike to an impromptu expedition of Imperial County’s Superstition Hills with my uncle, I have always been eager to participate in new activities and put myself in unfamiliar situations. Height...



To Infinity and Beyond

Weighing in at nearly 30 tons and occupying over 1800 square feet, the first computer could perform only 10-digit mathematical operations. Today, a 140-gram smartphone can not only instantly solve complex arithmetic expressions, but can also act as a virtual Einstein, all at the touch or swipe of a screen.  “The overarching main goal of technology is to make things easier [and creat...



Rugby Becomes Official Varsity Sport

After applying last year, rugby is an official TPHS varsity sport as of this winter season, according to head coach Matty Sandoval. Becoming an official TPHS sport requires that coaches become employees of the SDUHSD, games will be played on campus and athletes will be held to TPHS, SDUHSD and CIF athletic and scholastic eligibility requirements. Sandoval said that “most importantly...



The Layered-Self

Construction paper typically generates fond memories of Elmer’s glue and kindergarten arts and crafts, but art teacher Emily Moran’s Drawing and Design class has taken construction paper to new levels with the “Layered-Self.” The collaborative installation is based on contemporary artist Beatrice Coron’s Identity Project, according to Moran. It is on exhibit until Nov. 21 in...



Enrollment study group created by SDUHSD

The High School Enrollment Study Group, headed by Associate Superintendent of Educational Services Michael Grove, was created on Oct. 10 by the SDUHSD to examine and suggest changes to current high school enrollment policies in response to complaints from parents in the community. According to Grove, a group of parents with “kids as young as fifth graders” approached the SDUHSD to ...


ebola (2)

Ebola quarantine is ineffective and unconstitutional

Following the death of Thomas Duncan, the first person diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the United States, three major protocols have been proposed by public health officials to prevent the entry and transmission of the deadly virus throughout the nation. All three strategies involve some form of quarantine, an archaic and harsh medical practice that not only severely infringes upon basic civil libertie...

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    Con: Sin Tax

    San Francisco is not the first city in California to attempt to tax sugary beverages: In 2012, Richmond and El Monte failed to imple...

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    Personal Perspective: Maya Parella

    I have always dreamt of being extraordinary, of creating an aura of mystery around myself that entices people. I suppose I’ve ...

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    Pro: Sin Tax

    It would be coercive if the law forced people to perform the right actions, but it should still shape their choices. Although people...



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