Sports Shorts: September: Volleyball

Girls volleyball (3-0) dominated the Durango Classic in Las Vegas on Sept. 20-21 for the second consecutive year.
The Lady Falcons swept games against Reno’s McQueen High School (9-2), Laguna Beach High School (5-4), Rim of the World High School (0-1) from Lake Arrowhead and Palm Desert’s Xavier College Preparatory High School (1-0).
Head coach Brennan Dean said that, despite “dozens of fixable errors,” the team’s camaraderie allowed them to succeed.
Reily Buechler (12), the tournament MVP, said the Falcons’ intensity picked up during the quarterfinals, in a close match against Valley Christian High School (4-0) from Cerritos, Calif..
“Before the tournament, we were kind of scrambling, but we really became a solid team this weekend,” Buechler said.
In the final match against Hawaii’s Kamehameha High School (2-0), a team known for their excellent defensive tactics, the Falcons planned to create rallies in hopes that KHS would make an error.
The plan was succesful and Buechler was able to cut the ball high and deep into the line, to seal the victory and the tournament.
The Lady Falcons play at home against Poway High School on Sept. 25.