Softball loses slugfest 11-12 to San Marcos


The Lady Falcons (7-3) lost to the San Marcos High School Knights (4-6) on Mar. 25 at home, 11-12.

TPHS got off to a strong start, but despite their defensive efforts, the Knights scored runs in rapid succession later in the game and finally pulled ahead by one run to win the game.

“Both teams are a lot alike,” Falcons head coach Jonathan Moore said before the game. “Both teams can hit, both teams are fast, both teams play good defense, so they are pretty well matched.”

The first run of the game came in the first inning by San Marcos, which was later followed by TPHS team captain Emma Wong (12) hitting a bases-empty home run in her first at bat of the game, tying it up. The Lady Falcons then had a surge of scoring, quickly pulling ahead in the second inning to make the score 7-1.

Pitcher Monroe Peed (11) struck four Knights out in the game, while Moore called for a total of 10 steals in the game, all of which were successful.

“[The game] went pretty well, we stayed up pretty well, and [I liked] how we got up and started scoring runs,” third baseman Stavi Augur (9) said. “But I could have had more hits and not that many errors in the field.”

Augur drew a walk in the first inning and hit a triple in the second inning, helping score another run.

“[Torrey Pines] is a strong hitting team, and it was a slugfest for both teams,” San Marcos head coach Jan Wright said. “We were fortunate to come out on top, and we had a great team effort with lots of hitting and good defense.”

Wong said that the Lady Falcons had been working on a trick play and were actually able to successfully execute it and score a run off the play in the game.

“We had runners on second and third, and the runner on second is supposed to fall over when they are leading off the base,” Wong said. “The catcher threw it to second base and we scored the runner from third, because the catcher was confused.”

However, San Marcos secured the lead in the third inning with a succession of rapid-fire bases- loaded singles, and in the third and fourth innings alone, the Knights scored a total of 10 runs, up to 11-7. Unable to pull ahead of the Knights, the Lady Falcons managed to tie the score 11-11 in the sixth inning off a single by Kylie Robinson (12).

In the last inning, the Knights scored the last run of the game, and attempted a steal from third, however, the Lady Falcons caught the runner in a pickle, and Peed finally tagged the Knight’s player, preventing the Knights from scoring again.

In the sixth inning, the Lady Falcons scored their last run. The last play of the game had Falcon runners on second and third base, but with two outs in the inning Robinson struck out, and the Lady Falcons suffered the close loss.

Regardless of their defeat, Moore is still optimistic for the team’s record and future.

The Lady Falcons will play at Mater Dei Catholic High School in Orange County today at 3:30 p.m.