Savvy Students

Nick Leslie

N2 Kitesurfing

Leslie (12) is the founder of N2 Kitesurfing, a successful kitesurfing instruction business that operates in Mission Bay. He started the business in his junior year to earn money for college and spread his passion for kitesurfing. To bring a fresh face to an “old guy’s sport,” Leslie works closely with kitesurfing manufacturers so he can offer lessons at a lower cost and secure kitesurfing gear.

Nat Narongsak

Thai Pepper Cuisine

Narongsak (12) is the owner of the successful Serra Mesa restaurant, Thai Pepper Cuisine, which his mother bought last summer and gave to him so that he could pay for his college education. Having cooked Thai food with his family his whole life, Narongsak thought a restaurant would be “easy enough to manage.” Narongsak’s hard work and dedication to the restaurant has earned him over $57,000 for his college fund.

Chris Pittard

T-Shirt Company

Pittard (12) started a T-shirt company during his sophomore year with his friend, Graham Brutten, now a Bishop’s School senior, driven by a love of art and a desire “to experiment with some shirts and see how things [go].” Pittard later sold the company to Sun Diego. Pittard learned that “you should always represent yourself professionally with everything you do.” He made over $1,000 and used the money to buy DJ equipment.

 Jake Scornavacco

Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt

Scornavacco (‘13) is the general manager of two Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt shops, one in 4S Ranch, the other at the San Diego Hilton Bayfront. When he attended TPHS, Scornavacco left school daily at noon to go to work at the yogurt shops. Scornavacco’s primary motivation in running and expanding Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt, his family business, is honoring the memory of his late father.