Boys soccer falls to Bishop’s Knights 2-3


Boys soccer (8-3-3) fell to The Bishop’s School (1-5-1) 2-3 in a non-conference game on Jan. 9. 

According to head coach Andy Hargreaves, the Falcons “didn’t do anything that [they’re] good at today.”

“I was very surprised at the outcome of the game because we’ve had a really good start to the season, we’ve won most of our games, and this is a team we usually beat,” Hargreaves said. 

At the outset of the game, play was concentrated in the center of the field, but began to shift as both teams attempted to get past the others’ defense. After Bishop’s saved a few shots on goal, right wing Bailey Buckley (12) made a pass across the goal to forward Asher Booth (12), but the Knights’ defenders intercepted the ball. Then, it was their turn to attack, with a header from a throw in that sailed over the goal. 

Both teams attacked and defended evenly throughout the opening of the half, but Bishop’s took the lead 1-0 with a goal off a corner kick 20 minutes into the game. Although the Falcons attempted a variety of offensive attacks like long passes along the side, the Knights repeatedly sent the ball back into the Falcons’ side of the field. 

With 2 minutes remaining in the half, a foul by Alec Turner (12) gave Bishop’s a penalty kick, which earned the Knights their second goal of the game, putting them in the lead 2-0 at the end of the half. 
“We played well the first half, kept the ball on the ground and got a couple of goals,” Bishop’s head coach Malcolm Tovey said. 

The Falcons started out the second half with a series of quick attacks and more than two shots on goal within the first 5 minutes. According to Tovey, “Torrey Pines applied the pressure to [Bishop’s] and [they] were defending a lot more in the second half.”

The offensive plays paid off, as Booth scored the first goal of the game for the Falcons with a header from a throw 14 minutes into the half, putting TPHS on the scoreboard down 1-2. 

The Falcons continued playing offensively, aiming to keep the ball on the Knights’ side of the field with long passes and numerous goal kicks. However, despite numerous attacks on the Knights’ goal by TPHS, Bishop’s scored the next goal off a throw-in, keeping them in the lead 3-1 with 10 minutes remaining. The Falcons did not fall back to solely defense, and with only 3 minutes remaining in the game, left wing Matthew Botsford (12) scored the second goal for TPHS with an assist from Booth. 

TPHS had one more chance to score with 1 minute and 50 seconds remaining, when a foul on Booth by Bishop’s gave center back Nick Sorter (12) a free kick from the 25-yard line, although the shot sailed over the goal.

Hargreaves attributed the loss to “[Bishop’s] working harder than we did,  [having] a better attitude than we did and approaching the game better than we did.”

“[TPHS] didn’t approach [the game] in a mature manner,” Hargreaves said. “They weren’t prepared mentally and thought it was going to be an easy game to win.”

According to Booth, the team “wanted to win but we didn’t have the mentality and we didn’t go to every ball … we didn’t try hard enough, we just didn’t want it like the other team did.”

“[We can improve on] working harder, going to the ball, sacrificing yourself and going to tackles,” Booth said.

Booth and Hargreaves are optimistic about the rest of the season. The Falcons’ next game is on Jan. 14 at La Costa Canyon High School at 5 p.m.