Chipotle collaborates with TPHS on Torrey Tuesdays

Torrey Tuesdays, a series of TPHS fundraisers held at the Carmel Valley and Flower Hill Chipotle locations, will continue through May, according to TPHS Foundation executive director Bobbi Karlson.
Chipotle gives the TPHS Foundation 50 percent of the proceeds from sales to customers who identify themselves as TPHS supporters between 5 and 8 p.m. on designated days. According to Karlson, other restaurants offer the same type of fundraising opportunities but generally donate 15 to 20 percent of sales.
“Chipotle wants to set itself apart from any other fast food chain,” said Monica Martinez, apprentice to the Chipotle district manager.
TPHS mother Karen Pope began organizing the fundraisers at the Carmel Valley location in the fall of 2014, and the field hockey team made over $2,400 at two events in November and December. Thinking that it would be more efficient to have one “point of contact” between Chipotle and TPHS, she worked with both Chipotle and TPHS liaisons to book many of the Tuesdays from February through May for various groups, including sports teams, academic groups, PALs and the TPHS Scholarship Fund.
“It’s really built a sense of community,” TPHS mother and Scholarship Fund board member Betsy Mackey said. “It’s really great to have something you can do over and over again, and that doesn’t happen a lot with fundraising … The TPHS Scholarship Foundation would really like to thank [Pope], and thank Chipotle for their generosity.”
Carmel Valley Chipotle general manager Nick Vance declined to comment.
According to Pope, some have begun calling the dates “No Cook Torrey Tuesdays,” so families can come to Chipotle and support TPHS while enjoying a meal they did not have to prepare themselves.
“It’s just great that everybody now knows Torrey Tuesdays,” Mackey said. “If we want to out to dinner, we’ll all be thinking, ‘Oh, let’s go on Tuesday’ because it’s going to support somebody at [TPHS].”
Pope will no longer be helping with the fundraisers at Carmel Valley. The Foundation will organize them instead,  continuing to publicize the event on campus through morning announcements and with the help of teachers.
“It’s a really good way to fundraise,” varsity track member and basketball player Isabella Hoang (11) said. “Chipotle has been very nice. It’s easy … and a good way to bond with your team.”
The events have allowed both members of the community to support TPHS and students to support one other.
“[On badminton’s night], most of the field hockey team went,” varsity badminton captain Michael Lin (12) said. “There were a bunch of other students, and it looked really successful.”
Badminton, which became a CIF sport just this year, raised over $1,500. And boys golf, one of the smaller teams on campus, has made the most money so far at the time Falconer went to press — $2,100, according to Pope.
Although the events have occurred more frequently at the Carmel Valley location, the Flower Hill Chipotle has also held fundraisers for various groups, and will have one for Speech and Debate on May 7, according to store manager Alex Mejia. They also hope to establish consistent Torrey Tuesday fundraisers in conjunction with the Foundation.
The next fundraiser will be held on May 5 at the Carmel Valley Chipotle from 5-8 p.m. to raise funds for TPHS cheerleaders.

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