ASB hosts “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” prom at NTC

TPHS ASB hosted the 2015 “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”-themed Prom at the NTC Promenade in Point Loma on May 23 from 8-11 p.m.

According to ASB junior class president Jackie Weinrich, 720 tickets to Prom were sold and paid for the budget of approximately $30,000. The ASB Junior Class Council started planning Prom in May of last year, after new ASB positions were announced.

“We visited a lot of venues, and we liked the Promenade because it had a lot of space and was easy to be creative with and do whatever we wanted,” Weinrich said.

ASB sophomore class president Scotty Gange (10) said the setting and location were defining features of Prom this year.

“It was very nice-looking,” Gange said. “You walk in [and see] a very open, big space that’s very pretty and unique.”

According to Alex Baracchini (12), holding Prom in a large courtyard made the event “really fun” and allowed students to socialize more. 

“I think Prom this year is better [than last year] because I feel like people are interacting and walking around, and seeing more than they would if they were [in a closed room],” Baracchini said.

The “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” theme was expressed through garlands, paper lanterns and lights that were meant to give the impression of stars and fairies, according to Weinrich. Small tables at the front of the venue were decorated with lamps and glass pebbles, and the pathways were lined with glowing jars.

“The color scheme was purples and greens and ivory, and there were little touches referring to Bottom, the donkey, just randomly decorated here and there,” ASB adviser Brad Golden said. “It wasn’t like a Renaissance fair where everyone was speaking in Old English and quoting Shakespeare. It was ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ among the trees with lights and a fairy-like atmosphere.”

Pretzel poppers, fried macaroni and cheese balls and chicken tenders were available for students, along with water, fruit juice, soft drinks  and desserts like cupcakes, cream puffs and apple turnovers. Weinrich said the ice cream — offered in three different flavors, frozen with liquid nitrogen and served with a variety of toppings on the side — was one of the highlights of the night. 

Students also dressed up and took pictures in photobooths while a DJ played music and the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” movie played on a screen in the courtyard.

According to ASB president Erica Lewis (12), the only problem for some people was finding the exact location of the event.

“When you put [the address] in your directions, [the map] doesn’t take you to the specific place,” Lewis said. “It takes you to the neighborhood, so we had to send the information about the location out and spread the word through friends and Facebook.”

Lewis said that “everyone got there OK” and that she only received one phone call asking about the location.

According to Golden, Prom this year was “fantastic,” and he hoped that every junior and senior chose to be there.

“All I could really notice was how much fun people were having,” Golden said. “Students at this school are so disciplined with their athletics and their arts and their academics, that to see them dressed glamorously, just revel in each other’s company and celebrate for a night is so important to the school.”

To Golden and Baracchini, the memorable event was something to be proud of.

“Overall, [it was] a great senior prom and really well set up by ASB,” Baracchini said. “It’s a good way to end the year.”

According to Golden, the newly elected members of the  Junior Class Council for 2015-2016 have already started planning for the 2016 Prom.