New course offerings exhibited at “Taste of Torrey Pines” Elective Fair

The Taste of Torrey Pines Elective Fair was held on March 10, during break and lunch in the quad outside the E building to showcase new and existing course offerings to current TPHS students. 
“We decided to have an elective fair because [students] don’t always know what [courses are] available,” counselor Monica Taylor said. “It’s a chance [for students] to see teachers and students who have been in a certain class and see firsthand what it’s like to take that class.” 
Modelled after elective fairs presented by TPHS at Carmel Valley Middle School and Earl Warren Middle School, the Taste of Torrey Pines Elective Fair’s main goal was to promote the new classes that would be offered at TPHS, according to Taylor. 
“Teachers were able to connect … and explain their courses,” Taylor said.
Students also worked with teachers to present course offerings. Mehdi Sajeti (11), a current marketing student, represented Accounting.
“[Having an elective fair] is much better than just handing out the papers or seeing a list of classes,” Sajeti said. “This way, [students] can actually feel the physical environment of [the class], and it can have more of an influence.”
Other new courses like Business Pathways, Auto and Wood Fabrication, Teaching, T.V. Broadcast, Sociology, and Mindfulness also participated in the elective fair by handing out flyers or having students represent and promote the class. According to Ellena Whitfield (11), who represented the Mindfulness class, handing out flyers helped garner more interest from students passing by during the fair.
“Our flyers list the benefits [of the class],” Whitfield said. “We had a good amount of people come up to our table, and people seemed interested.”
Principal David Jaffe also believes that the elective fair was an effective way to raise awareness about new and existing classes.
“It started with us going to the different middle schools, and when we [held the elective fair] for TPHS students, it was useful,” Jaffe said. “How we represent [the electives] is something to think about, whether we have teachers or students leading the presentations.”
Taylor said that the elective fair had a strong turnout and would be beneficial next year.
“[Hosting the elective fair for the first time] was a learning process, and having more planning time would help make it stronger,” Taylor said. “Going forward, I could see [the elective fair] still happening even if we don’t have a huge amount of new courses because it’s a good exposure.”
According to Jaffe, TPHS hopes to make the elective fair an annual event, and will work to include all TPHS electives in the future.