SDUHSD middle school and high school teachers resign

Carmel Valley Middle School English teacher Marc Sandknop resigned on March 4 and Canyon Crest Academy social science teacher and lacrosse coach Miles Brown resigned after being arrested for “attempted solicitation of marijuana from a minor and for contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” according to 10News, on Feb. 25. 
According to CVMS principal Cara Dolnik, Sandknop went on leave on Feb. 19 and has now been replaced by a long-term substitute teacher. The reasons behind his resignation will remain undisclosed, as all district personnel matters are confidential, according to Torrie Norton, Associate Superintendent of Human Resources for SDUHSD.
Following Sandknop’s departure, many rumors surfaced at CVMS and the surrounding community. 
“I feel that the campus became too excited about it and spread too many false and exaggerated rumors about his dismissal that were not based on any solid evidence,” CVMS student Samuel Xiong (8) said. 
All of the rumors being spread were false, according to Dolnik.
“Based on what my friends told me, apparently Sandknop went out of the room during [the beginning of] fourth period and told the class he would be gone for two to three minutes, but he never came back,” CVMS student James Lee* (8) said. “He was great teacher, and I loved his teaching style. He was always very fun, and [his resignation] was totally unexpected.”
TPHS student Alice Singer* (11), one of Sandknop’s former students, was “taken aback” by his dismissal.
“[Sandknop] had different life lessons and a different approach to teaching than usual teachers do, which was interesting to listen to  as an eighth grader,” Singer said. “He had an unorthodox approach to everything, including test taking.”
Brown’s resignation also came as a surprise to CCA student Laura Abrishamkar (10), who first heard about his arrest on the news.
“I knew he was not the kind of man who would do that,” Abrishamkar said. “That’s why I was not surprised to find out he was exonerated, and his blood tests all [tested] negative [for drugs].” 
According to 10News, Brown was bailed out of county jail. 
According to Abrishamkar, the arrest of Brown “really shook [CCA], especially the students.”
“It was very sad for me to see my teacher being accused of these things, when I knew they were not true,” Abrishamkar said. “His students do miss him because they all know that he was a great teacher.”
There is no evidence that Abrishamkar’s observations are accurate or not.
Sandknop was hired as an English teacher and tennis coach at LCC in 1994 but was relocated to CVMS in 2010. 
CCA principal Karl Mueller and the Northwestern Division of San Diego Police Department both could not be reached for comment.
*Name changed to protect identity

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