Taking the Flower Crown: Weekend One

As a first-time Coachella attendee, I basically showed up ready to shove years worth of expectations into three days’ time, and somehow actually

managed it. I spent the weekend in a perpetual state of awe, between the endless celebrity sightings and my newfound knowledge that a building the

size of Sahara Tent can, in fact, be hotboxed — your move, TPHS parking lot. The only rumor that proved false was that Coachella tended to be unsafe. The only time I felt nervous was on the drive up; unaware of what the phrase “it’s in the middle of nowhere” implied, I was taken aback by the hours of winding roads. And the fact that we chose to go in the middle of the night had me feeling like I was going to end up on an episode of “Criminal Minds” — but that was the extent of the “danger.” I think that a lot of people are wary of Coachella because of the price range, but if you know how to make the most of your experience, I honestly think it’s worth the money. I spent two nights at the very front of the pit, and I don’t think I’ve ever made a better decision. Aside from the fact that I was in the front row for some of the best shows I’ve ever seen, I’m pretty sure every single famous person at Coachella walked right in front of me and, on top of it all, I ended up on the big screen. It was one of my best fi nancial decisions, and I’d give a lot to be back there right now instead of attempting to survive a school week while sick, tired and sore out of my mind. Also, a quick apology to every old person ever: I missed Guns N’ Roses for Zedd, and I have absolutely no regrets.

by Guest Writer Ethan Valdes