Taking the Flower Crown: Weekend Two

Coachella weekend two has the reputation for that being the “suckier” of the two weekends. I never really understood why — the only piece of coherent evidence was that the grass is greener and not as dust-covered the first week. While I initially worried about missing out, seeing countless Snapchats from friends who went to weekend one, I am happy to say I experienced the same surreal joy at weekend two.

Friday set high expectations for the other two days. After starting off with mesmerizing beats from Louis the Child and Sam Feldt, I moved to one of my favorite rappers: A$AP Rocky. Sticking it to “the man,” he began the concert in the middle of the crowd, since the stage was made unsafe due to high winds. I’m not complaining — I got a better view. With guest appearances from Tyler the Creator and A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky put on show full of the rage and excitement you would want from a rap concert. Following that was G-Eazy, who brought out Lil Wayne as a guest performer, playing “A Milli” and “The Motto.” I managed to see them front-row, and that combined with the thrilling atmosphere of one of the most hyped concerts of the weekend cemented it as one of my favorite performances. Next was another front-row concert for British duo Snakehips, and after that a front-row experience for Hippie Sabotage in the Do Lab, the smallest stage at Coachella. Hippie Sabotage was a surprise performance for only weekend two, and the intimate nature of the Do Lab elevated the experience. 

The performances on Saturday did not match the quality of Friday. The disappointment was Disclosure; while I like Disclosure’s music, they were unimpressive live, dull and unexciting. Zedd was the redeeming part of the day: his characteristic hyper-electric songs and the spectacular, rave-worthy lights definitely had the “wow” factor missing from Disclosure’s performance. The night ended with Guns N’ Roses, making me nostalgic for times I didn’t have, and RL Grime, a “melt-your-face-off intense rave,” as my friend put it. 

Sunday was the best day of the weekend. The number of incredible artists, as well as the quality of their performances, made it stand out. Matt and Kim stole the show with their unique and energetic music. Major Lazer was next on my list — the lights were amazing, the hip-hop electronic sound was excellent live and the DJ duo even held a surprise performance in the Do Lab later that night. And, of course, Flume stole the night. His hypnotic and insanely popular electronic beats were truly something else when experienced live.

While many of the quality guest artists from weekend one did not show up to the second weekend, other surprise performances and headliners made up for it. I would definitely buy a weekend two ticket again. After all, Coachella is Coachella. I used to almost get annoyed by the hype and attention it got every year; what could be so special about a mere three days? But after spending the weekend in a constant state of elation, I understand the hype — you’ll see me in a flower crown and my Air Jordans next year.