Issue for March 2017


  • falcon
    Musically Noteworthy

    The morning bell rings on a Thursday, just two weeks before the Chamber...

  • trends infographic
    #trending at tp


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    Station Sushi

    I’ve never understood why some people dislike sushi. Because pers...

  • _DSC1572
    Gami Sushi

    Fish is usually one of my least favorite things to eat. However, sushi ...

  • _DSC1640
    Shimbashi Izakaya

    In the past two weeks I have consumed more sushi than normal, and I hav...

  • 13th

    “The U.S.  is home to 5 percent of the world’s populat...

  • the hunting ground
    The Hunting Ground

    It started off innocently enough; the first few minutes were home video...

  • the imposter
    The Imposter

    “That’s my sister. And this is me, Nick.” ...

  • my beautiful broken brain
    My Beautiful Broken Brain

    Imagine: it’s a day no different than any other day. You are slee...

  • matt shepard
    Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

    Tactfully combining countless interviews from close acquaintances, auth...


  • IMG_6499
    The Right [To] Education

    Amid the Sunday morning bustle, neatly stacked piles of the previous da...

  • IMG_6694
    1 in 2,568: Jake Froman

    A red carpet is rolled out on the track at the Homecoming football game...