Issue for June 2017


  • red moon
    Red Moon Noodle House

    If you know me, you know that I always know where to find the best Chin...

  • chinacafe
    China Cafe

    At first glance, China Cafe is easy to miss; placed adjacent to an apar...

  • double happiness
    Double Happiness

    After walking the sunny streets of Del Mar, I took a turn toward the Ch...

  • falcon
    Lil Uzi Vert

    Lil Yachty, the rapper behind hit songs like “One Night” an...

  • falcon
    Marz Ferrer

    Characterized by her raspy and sensual voice, repetitive phrases and me...


  • The Stepenskys
    A Family Affair

    After meeting on a blind date in Mexico City and getting engaged only t...

  • falcon
    The F-Word

    Every other Thursday, a group of about eight girls gathers in an otherw...

  • DSC_9136
    1 in 2,568: Erica Hwang

    She takes a deep breath. In, out. In. Out. She reviews the piece mental...

  • falcon
    Let’s Break It Down: North Korea Tension

    In 2010, the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea openly d...

  • Shooting5

    It was a quiet day. The squad car ambled down the road with its windows...



  • tests drawing (1)
    Pro: Standardized Tests

    Pencils, specifically those with the infamous “#2” stamped ...

  • tests drawing (1)
    Con: Standardized Tests

    In the past few weeks, many Advanced Placement students got too few hou...

  • pp irene
    Personal Perspective: Irene Yu

    You might know me as that girl that has changed a lot since elementary ...