Art show by TPHS Art Department to be held in Learning Commons

The TPHS Art Department will stage its annual art show, “For Art’s Sake” June 5-8, featuring art pieces by TPHS students.
According to art teacher Emily Moran, the show will open to the public on Monday, June 5 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., with Kelly Coward’s culinary students catering the event.
“Then, [on] Tuesday and Wednesday, the show [will be] open for the rest of the school to come by and take a look,” Moran said. “Then, [the art classes] start taking [the art pieces] down on Thursday, June 8.”
The Art Department is excited to use the new Learning Commons to showcase the student pieces. This is the first time the show will be held there.
“It’s a really beautiful space to showcase the work,” Moran said. “In the past, we’ve just done [the show] in the art classrooms.”
TPHS art students have been perfecting their skills in class throughout the school year in preparation for the art show.
“I tell students at the beginning of the year that we do have an end-of-the-year art show, to hold onto their best and favorite pieces and then to bring them back in,” Moran said. “We work on skill-building activities and exercises [in classes], and then we do bigger projects. The bigger projects are the things that the kids might consider putting into the show; things that are presentable.”
The art students have been working both in class and outside of class to get their work ready. Photographers have been making prints of their photos on their own time and with their own money, and some students choose their photos to appeal to a potential buyer, according to AP Studio Art student Dillon Campbell (12). 
“A lot of people that go to the art show don’t want to see pictures of people they don’t know, [such as models or other students,]” Campbell said. “So the prints that are made for this art show … are of things that people would want to buy and put in their houses, like architecture and landscape. People really like beaches.”
The art show will feature original pieces including drawings, paintings, digital photography, ceramics and sculpture, all art forms that are taught at TPHS.
“I am going to be featuring a miniature version of Burning Man out of toothpicks,” said Sarah Erdman (12), who is in both sculpture and Moran’s Seminar Art class.
The art show will be open for students to visit on June 6-7 in the Learning Commons. Entrance will be free and available all day. 

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