ASB hosts annual TP Idol contest for TPHS students

The annual ASB-sponsored TP Idol contest was held in the quad during lunch from May 2-5, and Hannah Uzi (11) won first place on the last day of the competition.
To reach the finals, contestants went through an initial round where they were evaluated by three teacher judges: Jacqueline Niddrie, Lars Trupe and Marinee Payne. 
“[The grading criteria] were tone, pitch, style and actual voice,” Niddrie said. “It was a scale of one to five. There were four categories and we just added up points.”
After the first round of competition, the top three singers were chosen to compete in the finals, held on May 9, which ultimately led to Uzi being selected as the winner.
In the final round of the competition, Uzi won with her performance of “It’s a Man’s World” by James Brown and “The Show Must Go On” by Queen, securing herself a $100 award. She and the other finalists, Madison Sayre (12) and Rayhan Tabani (11), who performs by his stage name, Sugar Ray Ray,  were selected to perform at the first annual Spring Fling, held at TPHS on June 1.
“It was such an amazing experience,” Uzi said. “It felt so amazing; there was so much support. So much love — lots of love.”
For Uzi, TP Idol was a way to prove to herself that one day she could finally accomplish her dream of becoming a singer.
“It was the first thing that I’d done in a while that had to do with singing,” Uzi said. “These people, they were giving me support, like I can do this. It just felt really good.”
Others, like Sayre, said TP Idol is the perfect place for the artistic students of TPHS to showcase their talents.
“TPHS is so focused on sports and academics that a lot of the times the artistic people get lost in everything,” Sayre said. “It gives them a chance to show their peers what they do [because] they’re not a mathlete or an athlete.”
Although many students attended the event, both Niddrie and Uzi said that it is important to get more competitors.
“I think I would have liked to see more competitors,” Niddrie said. “Over the three days, it seemed like there were [fewer participants]  than in the past.”
The competition, which has been a TPHS tradition for many years, allows for the school community to “feel closer,” according to Sayre.
For students thinking of participating in TP Idol next year, Uzi said the trick to winning is practice. 
“You should never think that you are good enough to stop practicing,” Uzi said. “Your voice is like a muscle; you need to train it like you do in sports, so I think practice always makes it better.”

connor tp idol sugar tp idol

Students from all grade levels participated in TP Idol on the outdoor stage  in the quad at lunch, including Connor McMillin (11)  (ABOVE)  and Rayhan Tabani (11) (BELOW).

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