Expression Session to be hosted by TPHS Dance program

The Torrey Pines High School Dance program will host “Expression Session” in the TPHS gymnasium on Sat., June 10.

The annual showcase will feature dancer students from the Dance PE classes, as well as dancers from both the JV and varsity dance teams. They will perform numbers from different genres including hip hop and contemporary.

“There’ll be some hip hop numbers, some contemporary numbers and some lyrical numbers,” said Simone Swift, the choreographer for both dance teams.

Among the dance numbers are routines that have been performed at competitions, as well as new ones that have been created specifically for “Expression Session.”
However, in order to craft and perfect the dances, about a day and a half worth of rehearsals are required.

“I’d say over 35 hours of rehearsal are needed,” Swift said.

With a variety of genres and numbers to be performed during the event, most dancers tend to have their favorites.

Varsity team captain Brianna Haire (12) is partial to the “varsity small hip hop routine,” which is “what [the team] is closing the show with.” 

While the varsity small hip hop dance was the unanimous favorite, other genres and numbers are popular with the team.

“I really like my solo a lot, and my favorite dance is a contemporary one … it’s the one on the poster,” Krystal Lockhart (11) said.

Unlike other dance team performances, the element of competition between schools is conspicuously absent at “Expression Session,” since only TPHS teams are performing. 

“Expression Session … is a dance showcase without judges, scores, winners or losers,” dance teacher Sarah Kaye said.

The lack of a competitive environment and judges means that there is less pressure on the dancers.

“[Because] it’s not a competition, it’s more fun,” said Lockhart. 

“Expression Session” continues to be an annual event because of the dance staff’s desire to demonstrate what the dance classes and teams have been working on throughout the entire year.

“It’s pretty much come full circle again … it’s basically to show off what we’ve been working on the whole year,” Swift said.

In addition, the dance staff is eager to have the students perform for their families and friends.

“It’s a dance showcase of talented hard-working students to perform for our school, the community, our friends and families,” Kaye said, “It’s an hour and a half of high-quality dance.”

The showcase starts at 7 p.m., with tickets available for $10 at the door. Professional DVDs of the showcase will be available for purchase after the performance with a payment in form of either cash or check.



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