Issue for October 2017


  • thrill info
    Experience the Thrill


  • falcon
    The Foreigner

    If an extremely sporadic and disorganized plot mixed with repetitive an...

  • falcon
    Play On Preview

    Theatre is an art form often times not given the credit by high schoole...

  • pink_beautifultrauma_1200x1200
    Beautiful Trauma

    After a solid five years of only three single releases, P!nk has jumped...

  • jessieware

    After the birth of her baby, English singer and songwriter Jessie Ware ...

  • music info
    Music While We’re Gone


  • jessie's
    Jessie’s Bake Shop

    When I walked into Jessie’s Bake Shop, the dim lighting and utter...

  • betty's
    Betty’s Pie Whole Saloon

    Betty’s Pie Whole Saloon’s quiet, peaceful environment, an ...

  • elizabethan
    Elizabethan Desserts

    I have what some people might call a dessert obsession. So imagine my d...


  • baddreamswall
    Bad Dreams

    After long weeks of searching for an undocumented student on campus who...

  • infographic
    Healthy Kids Survey





  • Untitled
    Mark Your Calendar


  • falcon
    Sports Corner: October

    After a dismal qualifying campaign, the U.S. Men’s National socce...

  • DSC_0290
    Football break the Lancers

    The The Falcons (6-2) defeated Carlsbad High School (4-4) in a 31-24 vi...