Elizabethan Desserts

I have what some people might call a dessert obsession. So imagine my delight when I got to eat dessert for a school assignment. Then, imagine my disappointment at learning that Elizabethan Desserts, which advertises its pies on its website and on its door, does not sell pies at its location anymore.

Elizabethan Desserts has a nice ambiance for a dessert shop, but resembled a little girl’s bedroom; The teal walls and cabinet of china on the side of the store as well as a big glass case full of pastries gave off an almost eery a dollhouse atmosphere.

I ordered the specials after a quick chat with the friendly server behind the counter: the Salted Caramel Cupcake ($3.75), Lemon Pie Bar ($5.50) and a Sugar Cookie ($3.95). After a few minutes, the server handed me my pastries and later came by with small mason jars of water. I wasn’t sure if this personalized attention was due to fact that I was the only customer in the shop, or because it was standard service, but I appreciated it nonetheless.

Visually, all of the pastries were appealing, and the china plates they came on, combined with the cute decorations, only furthered the dollhouse theme Elizabethan Desserts seemed to be pursuing.

I started with the cupcake, which was on the border of being too sweet, almost saccharin. The cake itself was dense and heavy, and not as moist as I was expecting. I moved onto the Lemon Pie Bar, which was visually my favorite, but I may have been biased in favor of the strawberry on top. The frosting was light and refreshing; sweet, but not too sweet. Even from the first bite, the sweetness of the frosting complemented the lemon filling, balancing the acidity. But I unfortunately couldn’t bring myself to eat all of it, despite loving the frosting, because the filling’s aftertaste was too sour for me. 

Finally, I tried the Sugar Cookie, which I had initially been the most excited about. It looked like a fancier version of the typical store-bought, frosted sugar cookies, but this was the greatest disappointment. The frosting was certainly too sweet this time, and the cookie itself was chewy, but blander than a typical sugar cookie. When eaten together, the frosting overpowered the taste entirely, creating an overall experience of just too much sugar.

Elizabethan Desserts presents its dessert theme well, and while its pastries aren’t amazing, they aren’t bad either. I can almost guarantee that I would’ve liked this dessert shop better had it had a little less sugar and a little more pie. For all of the dessert lovers out there, I would suggest a quick trip to Elizabethan Desserts to try it for yourself.

3/5 stars.


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