Jessie’s Bake Shop

When I walked into Jessie’s Bake Shop, the dim lighting and utter lack of customers almost made the bakery feel abandoned. 

The lack of variety at Jessie’s seemed to explain the dearth of customers; the shop only had a disappointing 15 to 20 options.

The server behind the counter recommended that I try the Apple Turnover ($2.25), Pecan Tart ($1.35), Chocolate Pecan Pie Slice ($2.25) and finally, the Raspberry Scone ($1.35). Despite the lack of variety, I was thoroughly impressed with the prices as the total came out to be only $7.20.

The texture of the Apple Turnover, which I tried first, was perfect in every way imaginable. It was flaky and fluffy, and the apples inside were fresh and crisp. But unfortunately, they tasted rather bland and boring, making the filling underwhelming compared to the texture of the exterior. Thankfully, the sweet vanilla frosting atop the turnover made up for the lack of flavor. Although the pastry was tasty overall, I think it still could have been elevated from a little cinnamon and sugar to really bring out the flavors of the apples in the pastry.

After the Apple Turnover, I moved on to the Pecan Tart. It was a little expensive for being so tiny, but the tart was luckily not overly sweet. I could taste the amazing combination of roasted pecan and brown sugar, and the texture of the pie crust was perfectly crumbly and flaky while the filling was spongy, not dry. 

I moved on to the chocolate Pecan Pie Slice. I had already been impressed by the Pecan Tart and I had high hopes for the chocolate pecan pie. The pie was very similar to the Pecan Tart but the fragrant bittersweet chocolate mixed in with the filling elevated the flavor to another level. After a few bites, however, the pie was a little too rich and sweet, and could have used a little less sugar. A thicker pie crust could have also balanced out the sweetness.

By the time I got to the Raspberry Scone, I was greatly impressed by the relatively cheap price and quality of the baked goods. However, the Raspberry Scone was a letdown and I felt extremely disappointed. The most obvious let down was the lack of any raspberry flavor in the scone. The vanilla icing on top of the scone was also too overpowering and ruined the whole experience. The scone was overly sweet, lacked flavor and felt dry, as if it had been out in the sun for a while.

Some pastries could have used work in terms of flavor and texture. But despite these defects, I believe that Jessie’s Bake Shop offers high quality pastries for a great price. The only issues I had with this bakery was the occasional overload of sweetness, but that can be easily fixed with a cup of coffee or milk. If Jessie’s Bake Shop can maintain the freshness of their pastries, I would definitely recommend giving Jessie’s Bake Shop a visit. 

4/5 stars.



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