Saturday Night Fever heats up at TPHS Homecoming dance

ASB hosted the Saturday Night Fever Homecoming dance on Oct. 14 at TPHS from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., which featured an assortment of activities ranging from ping pong to arcade machines.

This year’s Homecoming theme echoed the ‘70s,  with a rousing disco atmosphere. Attendees were encouraged to dress in attire that matched the decade. Many guests arrived in bell-bottom jeans, sequined shirts and some wore large Afro wigs. 

“Planning started about two weeks before school started,” Commissioner of Activities and planner of Homecoming, Lauren Grove (11), said. “I was watching ‘Saturday Night Fever’ with my friends, and the music and dancing in that movie is so iconic that I thought a Homecoming centered around that was a good idea.”

Decorations at the dance included vinyl records hanging from the pavilion above the outdoor lunch tables and a disco ball illuminating the quad. There was also a photo booth for students with a glittery backdrop and props available.

“I thought the theme was okay,” dance attendee Cami Kangleon (10) said.“It looked cool when it was fully put together, and I thought the decorations were well done.”

The majority of attendees spent their time on the dance floor. Music was played for the entire night by a  DJ from SOS Entertainment who was stationed in front of the mosh pit. However, there were also other activities available for attendees to participate in, like arcade machines, including a Pac-Man machine, and a projector that played “Saturday Night Fever” on the outdoor stage in the quad.

“My favorite activities [at the dance] were foosball and the table tennis,” Kiet Tran (10) said. “But I feel like there could have been some other activities going on out in the field rather than the movie.”

A long table with candy options like Blow Pops and Pixy Sticks was located near the lunch tables. However, the most popular food option of the night came from the taco bar, a collection of taco ingredients including a variety of sauces, which was catered by Whisknladle Bistro and Bar.

“The food was super good,” Kangleon said. “The tacos were great, I probably ate around five. My friend even took a few home to share with her parents.”

About 600 to 700 students were expected to attend Homecoming this year. An estimated 650 attendees attended on Saturday night,  according to ASB staff adviser Matt Livingston.

The total cost of this year’s dance was between $10,000 and $15,000, according to Grove and Livingston. The dance was funded mainly through ticket sales and money made through ASB card sales. School dances typically do not bring in a significant amount of revenue for ASB, so their main goal is to break even, according to Livingston. However, the cost of this dance was significantly less than the cost of dances in previous years, due to an effort to conserve funds. There also were fewer home football games this year, causing a decline in the number of ASB stickers bought, since the stickers allow ticket discounts. 

“The trick [to breaking even is] to put on a good enough dance with less money, [or] something that we can put on with a lower budget but still get people to come,” Livingston said. 

There were some complaints regarding the dance this year, particularly about the lack of activities compared to last year’s Homecoming dance. Since the budget was lower than the budget for the 2016 dance, ASB had to cut costs on certain things to allow for more money for a DJ.

“They had way more things to do last year,” Kangleon said. “They had games and stuff on the tables [under the pavilion] but didn’t have that this year. Also, it was very cramped this year.”

However, most attendees, including Tran who attended Homecoming for the first time this year, had a lot of fun as they were able to spend time dancing and socializing with their friends.



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