Kick Pho Hope holds fundraiser to support children in Vietnam

Members of the Kick Pho Hope club sold Krispy Kreme donuts as their first fundraiser on Nov. 14 at TPHS, raising $144 to make care packages with soccer equipment for underprivileged children in Vietnam, according to Club President Annabelle Pham (10).

The fundraiser was held before school, and members sold donuts both in front of the B building facing the drop-off area at the front of TPHS and at the top of the ramp connecting the student parking lot to campus.

According to Pham, a total of 144 regular glazed donuts were sold that day for $1 each. 

Pham also sold about two boxes of remaining donuts in Kick Pho Hope adviser David Pillsbury’s sixth period Integrated Math I Honors class.

According to Pham, the decision to hold a Krispy Kreme fundraiser was based on her impression that “everyone likes Krispy Kreme.” The idea for the fundraiser came to Pham shortly her decision to start the Kick Pho Hope club last summer. 

In Kick Pho Hope, students “organize the collection of cleats in order to redistribute them to kids in need in Vietnam,” according to Pham.

According to Pillsbury, he was approached by Pham to serve as the club’s staff adviser in the second or third week of school. Pham was in his Integrated Math I Honors class last year, when she was a freshman.

The new club, with around 15-20 members, was created “on a whim,” according to Pham.

“I was just sitting around and I saw all of my old pairs of cleats that were still in moderately good condition, and I was just thinking, ‘Wow, someone would really kill to have these cleats,’” Pham said. “With the help of my dad, that kind of birthed the idea of Kick Pho Hope.”

Although Kick Pho Hope is fairly new, Pham has many ideas and plans for her club.

“The goal [of the club] is to send over as many cleats and supplies as possible for the children who need them,” Pham said. “My real hope is to help make an impact on someone else’s life somewhere in Asia.”

According to Alina Ho (10), treasurer of Kick Pho Hope, she became invested in the club since she has personally met children who cannot afford to purchase new soccer cleats in Vietnam.

“I joined this club as another way to give back,” Ho said. “This club holds a special meaning to me because I am Vietnamese, and I’ve seen firsthand [the poverty of] daily life.”

Ho believes that “football is an international sport, and [it] is known for its ability to bring people together,” which fuels her desire to continue being involved with the club.

In addition to holding more fundraisers during the rest of the school year, club members plans to collect soccer equipment that will be shipped to children in need in Vietnam.

“Once we get all the supplies, we’re going to clean, package and label them by size and then put them in boxes to be shipped out via my aunt,” Pham said. “We have some connections so she’ll just bring it back with her the next time she travels to Asia.”

According to Pham, although the club’s charity works are “limited to Vietnamese kids and soccer [supplies]” for now, Pham hopes to expand Kick Pho Hope so that it has different branches located at multiple schools in San Diego.

She is also hoping to collect equipment for sports other than soccer, and has expressed an interest in shipping to more countries around the world in the future.

“Just having Annabelle as a student last year, I know that she’s pretty motivated,” Pillsbury said. “I think that when she sets realistic goals, she’ll meet those goals. So I think [the club is] something that could really be a positive situation, not only for the kids here that are involved, but for the people that they help out, especially in Vietnam, if they are able to get some soccer stuff together.”

Kick Pho Hope plans to send their first care packages of supplies to Vietnam next summer.

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