Sia “Everyday is Christmas”

Sia is known for her emotional, empowering music, but her latest release,  “Everyday is Christmas,” fails to meet the high expectations set for it. It lacks originality and doesn’t fit with Sia’s style and personality. 

The album starts off with, “Santa’s Coming For Us.” The title seemed ominous at first, but it is an upbeat, happy song, despite being unimaginative in every way. It is no different than any other Christmas song and lacks originality, from the uninspired tune to the meaningless lyrics. “Nights are getting shorter now, hot chocolate/ Fills the air and Christmas cheer does, too/ Pick a merry old Christmas tree, so lovely/ The joy this time here brings to you,” it goes. 

Most of the tracks are similar to the first. They are basic, cliché Christmas songs that are average, at best. They all sound very similar, and mixed with Sia’s style of singing, many parts are indiscernible, taking further away from the quality of the music. The main flaw of this album is that the tracks are forgettable. All of them essentially have the same tune and fail to take advantage of Sia’s extensive vocal range and talent, and there is no genuine emotion or passion in them, as if they were written carelessly. This album doesn’t bring anything new to the table. 

“Snowman,” a love ballad, is a standout track. I especially like this track because of the clever analogy of a snowman to a lover in the lines “Don’t cry snowman, don’t leave me this way/ A puddle of water can’t hold me close, baby.” The song, which is well-written and slower than the other tracks, utilizes gentle piano music. “Snowman” offers a refreshing and much-needed break from all the forcefully joyous songs about Santa, mistletoe and candy canes. It seems to be the only song with meaning in it, and feels like Sia bothered to put effort into it, a drastic change from the other songs in the album.

The worst song, by far, was, “Puppies Are Forever.” It sounds like it was written by and for a five year old child. “Oh how much, oh how much/ For the puppy in the window?/ How I love his little pink nose/ I think he’s waiting to come home with me,” it says. Sia’s usual talent for songwriting is completely absent in this song. The lyrics sound like they were written by an amateur, rather than the well known, eight-time Grammy nominee. Terrible from start to finish, the song is neither catchy nor pleasing. Instead, it is repetitive, tiresome and just plain annoying. It’s completely unnecessary and takes away from the already low quality of the album. 

The last song, “Underneath the Christmas Lights,” is a failed attempt at an emotional song, which ended up being strangely ominous and creepy. Another track in the album, titled, “Underneath the Mistletoe,” is boring and repetitive. It lacks in content, simply repeating the title over and over again for the majority of the song. Moreover, the words are slurred and the lyrics are incomprehensible. 

As a whole, “Everyday Is Christmas” is beyond disappointing, seeming entirely unenthusiastic and forced with poorly-written, repetitive songs. This album doesn’t live up to Sia’s reputation of powerful, passionate songs that show off her impressive vocal range.


2/5 stars.

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