Craft Burrito

If you’ve never heard of Craft Burrito, it’s probably because it was established in 2017. 

With a large appetite and high hopes for this newly opened restaurant, I decided to check it out for myself. 

When I first walked in, I was greeted by a friendly cashier who recommended the Craft Burrito ($8.25), Hot Buggy Burrito ($7.75) and the grilled chicken Craft Fries ($9.00). For each order, there were three sauces to choose from: red, green and chile, and once again, I asked for her favorite, which was the green sauce. In terms of drinks, other than their beers on tap, they did not have anything special, so I stuck to water. 

The environment was nice, with upbeat music and a view of the chefs behind a glass window that read “Believe in the Burrito.” However, the Del Mar location was a relatively small place, with only four tables, along with outdoor seating and a dog-friendly patio. Since it was quite chilly outside, I opted for the indoor seating. Though I was eating lunch at 1:30 on a Saturday, the seating filled up quickly.

The food arrived in no time, and I was amazed at the large portions. Each order came with a side of a “small craft salad,” a plastic cup filled with mixed greens. 
I first unwrapped the Craft Burrito, which mainly contained strips of beef, lettuce and craft sauce. I was extremely disappointed; the burrito was very bland and I couldn’t taste the craft sauce. The flavors were muffled by the lettuce, and I think the burrito would have tasted better with rice instead. 

Then came the Hot Buggy Burrito, which turned out to be my favorite of the three orders. It featured pulled pork and crispy potatoes, and was much more flavorful than the Craft Burrito. Though a little bit on the salty side, the pork was very juicy and well-cooked, and while I saw no need for it, I did like the spicy green sauce served on the side. I also enjoyed the thin tortilla, as it allowed me to avoid a mouthful of dough. 

Lastly, I tried the Craft Fries. Presentation-wise, this was the most beautiful. Stacked in a large bowl, the fries were covered in chicken, cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream. The chicken was tender, but the overwhelming black pepper flavor was not the most pleasing. I did enjoy the fries, which were soft but not soggy, but much to my surprise, this order was more expensive than any of the burritos on the menu. 

When I finished my meal, I cleaned up my table, though the servers working there were very friendly and helped me with my trays. 

Overall, Craft Burrito was an interesting place to try out — it has a nice location, right by the beach, as well as decent prices. However, even though the three dishes I ordered came to be about $27, I was pretty disappointed by the quality of the food. The portions were large and the service was incredible, but the flavors were nothing that make a second visit absolutely necessary.  However, if I was in the area and wanted to grab a quick bite, Craft Burrito wouldn’t be a bad option.


4/5 stars.

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