Staff Picks: Rick and Morty

Full of jokes in between moments of peril, the complicated plot of “Rick and Morty” immerses the audience to this rising cartoon aired by Adult Swim. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon in December 2013, the show boasts 31 episodes in three seasons. Harmon has hinted at a fourth season in the near future in interviews for the show.

Revolving around the adventures of Rick Sanchez (Justin Roiland), an old genius-scientist with a merciless personality, and Morty Smith (Justin Roiland), Rick’s insecure grandson with constant mood swings, the show takes place in an area just outside Seattle in a seemingly mediocre world. However, the first episode is enough to portray the complexity of the universe in which the characters live. Utilizing his near-flawless brain, Rick develops a portal gun that allows the characters to travel through the multi-dimensional world. 

Other than humans, many other species can be seen in the dimensions the protagonists travel to, including a species of Ricks and Mortys. The Ricks from different dimensions join together to create a council, full of hatred against the original Rick, that develops a galaxy made entirely of Ricks and Mortys whose sole purpose is to get revenge on the main character who always outsmarts them.

The jokes and plot are unfit for children, but teenagers and adults can enjoy this show’s charm. The unbelievable intelligence that Rick possesses not only allows the protagonists to easily bypass all obstacles, but also make jokes amidst all the action. With all kinds of gadgets, Rick and Morty are able to travel to different dimensions and complete strange tasks, such as traveling through dreams.

Rick, who is constantly drinking, rarely gets concerned no matter how devastating the situation is, and steadily handles the issues. On the other hand, Rick’s counterpart, Morty, always panics and creates trouble for the protagonists. The contrasting traits of the two led to breathtaking plot twists and unforgettable moments where the scientist and his grandson insult one another in the most entertaining fashion.

Despite the excess of comical moments, “Rick and Morty’s” main plot leaves most of its audience mesmerized, causing a couple of fans to create theories to explain a certain scene in the series or predict the plot of an upcoming episode. The creative decisions by the numerous directors and writers allows the show to develop a complex plot that runs on several multiuniverses and dimensions.

Most recently, “Rick and Morty” has concluded its third season with 10 episodes that begin with the story of Sanchez escaping the Galactic Federal Prison and bringing an end to the Galactic Federation and the Rick Council. The latest season ends on a comical note, with a fight between the U.S. president’s security and Rick’s technology over whether Morty can take a selfie with the president.

If mature humor and plot twists is something you want to see in a television show, “Rick and Morty” is definitely one to check out.

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