Breakfast Republic

After arriving at Breakfast Republic’s Encinitas location for an 11 a.m. brunch, I encountered the restaurant’s biggest letdowns immediately — scarce parking and a 15-minute wait for a table of two. The restaurant does not take reservations, which can make breakfast or brunch especially difficult for larger parties. That said, I later found out that my meal more than compensated for the wait.

As I waited, I noticed the restaurant’s wooden floors, walls and tables, as well as a vibrant green wall of plants which made for an earthy, enjoyable atmosphere.

After being seated, I began to realize that the restaurant had a more distinctive theme: eggs. I first noticed the chairs in the waiting area were egg-shaped, then the theme was made clear by the egg-shaped salt shakers and lights, which were enclosed in “egg whisks.”

After a 15-minute wait, my California Breakfast Burrito ($13) arrived, which was bloated due to a combination of eggs, avocado, potatoes and sausage, effectively making my mouth water. The eggs were fluffy, the avocados were not overpowering and, most importantly, the burrito was well-constructed and easy to eat. My only complaint was not the burrito itself, but rather with Breakfast Republic’s signature hot sauce, which did not provide enough heat.

Breakfast Republic took French toast to the next level. The Banana Split ($6) side dish was a piece of culinary art. Complementing the four slices of french toast were bananas, powdered sugar, walnuts, chocolate sauce and, to my surprise, a sizable scoop of vanilla ice cream. While all the elements made for a delightful dish, I especially enjoyed the thickness of the french toast and the brûléed bananas.

My meal was paired well with the In House Fresh Squeezed OJ ($3.75). Had I been more adventurous, I could have ordered their “Antioxidant shots,” which feature a variety of exotic juices, hot teas or a variety of latte and coffee options.
Obviously, I aired on the unhealthy side with my meal, but Breakfast Republic’s menu includes vegetarian options like the two Veggie Breakfast Tostadas ($10) and vegan options like the Vegan Madras Curry Scramble ($12).

While I ate at the Encinitas location, some of Breakfast Republic’s other locations include Carmel Valley and North Park. They are open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., which helps with especially late breakfasts and brunches.

Overall, Breakfast Republic provided a delightful meal, which more than made up for the long wait time. With meals served on large, no-nonsense platters and a bar in the front of the restaurant, Breakfast Republic provides for a fun, loud, dynamic brunch. In contrast to the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere many breakfast cafes have, Breakfast Republic fits a different profile with their rowdy but enjoyable atmosphere.


5/5 stars.

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