Lockwood Table Cafe

I usually spend my weekend mornings sleeping until noon to make up for the sleep I missed during the week, so when I was told I would be reviewing a brunch restaurant, I honestly wasn’t very excited.  After eating at Lockwood Table, however, I was pleasantly surprised.

I met up with some friends at the restaurant and I was impressed before even looking at the menu. The quaint restaurant, located on Cedros Avenue, was trendy and relaxing. I sat at the table my friends had been patiently waiting for me at, and the waitress politely poked fun at me for being 20 minutes late (better late than never, right?), which I thought was hilarious. Her continuous jokes throughout our meal made the experience much more enjoyable and the service, despite being a crowded, small restaurant with only two servers, was attentive and fast.

It was clear to me that Lockwood Table cared a lot about presentation. Everything from the design of the plates to the wooden chairs was wonderful and modern-looking. They set out little water cups with lemon and cucumber slices to add to the laid-back and natural atmosphere. 

To start, we ordered the Walnut Butter ($8), which I was instantly addicted to. Though it was just walnut butter served with some toasted multigrain bread, honey and strawberries, it was amazing. Looking back on how I inhaled it, I realize I probably should have savored the taste a bit more. The butter, creamy and sweet, paired perfectly with the toast. It came served on a unique square wooden plate, only furthering the modern theme of the restaurant. Though my biggest pet peeve is when people take photos of their meals, I’m not going to lie, I snapped a quick pic.

For my meal I decided to get the Big Hilo Sandwich ($11.95). The sandwich came on a multigrain bread with tomato, red onion, avocado, turkey, sprouts and basil pesto sauce. Each ingredient worked with the others to make the perfect sandwich. The tomatoes, onions and avocado were fresh and tasty. The sprouts, an interesting addition to a sandwich, were crisp and refreshing, adding a bit of a crunch to the already amazing sandwich. Nothing, however, could top the basil pesto sauce spread on the toasted multigrain bread. 

I also tried the Rancho ($10.25), a baked egg sandwich served on a croissant with bacon, turkey, avocado and gruyère cheese. The croissant was buttery and not too flaky, like they often are. The light sandwich made it a perfect choice for brunch; served on a small, white-rimmed plate with two juicy orange slices.

As you probably concluded from my review, I will definitely be returning to Lockwood Table. The delicious food, great service and relaxing atmosphere made this cozy little restaurant one of my new favorites.


5/5 stars.

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