Dhathry Doppalapudi

Staff Author, Artist & Photographer


Rich Brian “Amen”

Before he became Rich Brian, Brian Imanuel was just a 16-year-old Indonesian boy who had gained internet fame for his comedic Vines and tweets.  He later entered the hip-hop scene as Rich Chigga, and went viral. His controversial music video, “Dat $tick,” features Imanuel and his friends with alcohol and guns while he casually says, “n***a.” Some saw it as a mockery of hip-hop and black culture. His stage name, a mashup of “Chinese” and “n***a,” didn’t help.  With the start of the new year, Imanuel announced via Twitter that he changed his name from Rich...

Sia “Everyday is Christmas”

Sia is known for her emotional, empowering music, but her latest release,  “Everyday is Christmas,” fails to meet the high expectations set for it. It lacks originality and doesn’t fit with Sia’s style and personality.  The album starts off with, “Santa’s Coming For Us.” The title seemed ominous at first, but it is an upbeat, happy song, despite being unimaginative in every way. It is no different than any other Christmas song and lacks originality, from the uninspired tune to the meaningless lyrics. “Nights are getting shorter now, hot chocolate/ Fills the air ...

Football break the Lancers

The The Falcons (6-2) defeated Carlsbad High School (4-4) in a 31-24 victory on Oct. 20.  The Carlsbad offense started its opening drive slowly. After two short runs, the Falcons defense looked ready to hold the Lancers to a “three and out.” Facing their first big third  down, the Lancers converted on a short pass to Joe Fontenot (11), who followed his blocks and ran for a devastating 70-yard touchdown.  Trailing early, the Falcons relied on both Sully O’Brien (12) and Mac Bingham (11) to jump start the running game. Rumbling up the field, the offense began to gain momentum. ...

Bad Dreams

After long weeks of searching for an undocumented student on campus who would be willing to be interviewed, we were fortunate enough to come across an interviewee. Her name was Isabel*. We met Isabel during lunch in a staff workroom in the E building. Perched anxiously on red chairs adorned with cheetah-print cushions, we hurriedly scarfed down a few bites of our lunch and sat there, waiting for Isabel.  As Isabel was about to walk to where we were in room 103, Rosa Velazquez, a teacher and AVID adviser, called after her.  “Do you want me to be with you?” Velazquez asked.&nbs...

Football loses high-scoring battle with El Camino

The TPHS football team (2-2) lost to El Camino High School (3-1) on Sept. 15, giving up the win 42-31. TPHS kicked the game off with good defense. Michael Perrone (12) successfully thwarted El Camino’s opening drive. A poor punt from the Wildcats and an offsides penalty opened up an easy drive for TPHS, starting off with big runs by Mac Bingham (11), Sully O’Brien (12)  and Jason Heine (11) and capping off in a touchdown run by Bingham with six minutes left in the quarter.  On the defensive end, a missed tackle by Jack Raser (12) allowed for a 30-yard  touchdown run by El Camino ru...